Reviews & Endorsements

“A widow details her husband’s final years—when he was in a nursing home—but also presents a sweeping view of their four decades together. … Munat provides a clear sense of marriage as an ongoing passage, along with chronicling her separate caregiving journey …Visiting Chuck nearly every day for six years was a drain but also a labor of love. ‘Illness could not take away what we’d always had: an abiding love and respect for each other,’ she writes. ‘And that kind of love does not come to an end.’… A beautiful, richly panoramic book that should reassure caregivers and delight memoir readers.”
A book of compassion, faith, and generosity, Florrie Munat helps us understand the complex mixture of heartache and letting go that is part of the journey of caring for and being cared for–a journey that in one way or the other we will all take.”
“Through the power of story, Florrie Munat beautifully captures one caregiver’s experience of what it means to love and lose someone who suffers from dementia. Her compassion, resilience, resourcefulness, and self-awareness are lessons to all of us who walk similar paths….Like all exceptional memoirs, Be Brave invites us to intimately connect with the author in ways that bring meaning to our own lives.
Be prepared for a different kind of love story. In this book Florrie Munat tells multiple stories, each carefully crafted from her attention to detail, feelings, and the ordinary yet significant moments of life well lived. Florrie’s perspective exposes her deep inner world of heart-felt presence and reflection, transparent honesty and humility…. Each of her rich and compelling memories blend into a tapestry that reveals subtle truths regarding the meaning of life lived in love. In her compelling narrative, Florrie brings to light how commitment, respect, acceptance and kindness for others transforms into the spirituality of miracles, resurrection and eternal connection. Every page was a delight and treasure.”
“Florrie tells a wonderful story about a family that faced LBD with bravery, love and compassion. We were especially impressed with the caring relationship between her husband, Chuck, and their small granddaughter Alex, and with the well-planned bucket-list trip that they took to Arizona. Anyone can enjoy this book, but LBD families will find it helpful as well as fun to read.”
Be Brave: A Wife’s Journey Through Caregiving is Florrie Munat’s story of struggling with her transition from wife to wifely caregiver as her husband Chuck’s dementia progresses. Over five million people in the US suffer from dementia today, and many of their caregivers ride the gamut of emotions—from anger to shock, grief, and anguish. What separates Florrie from the masses is her grace. This grace allows her to move through the challenges and be receptive to the lessons embedded in them. Over time Florrie manages to clear a ground of acceptance and compassion within herself—that allows for times of beauty, humor, and profound love between her and Chuck.”
“The writing is brilliant and beautiful. The story is heart-breaking and inspirational. Thank you—and thank you again.”
“I sat down to read your memoir before dinner and couldn’t put it down. I just now set it on the table next to my reading chair in tears. You share your life with insight, wisdom, honesty—the joy, the confusion, the heartache. I am left with a deeper appreciation for life, community, family, relationships, the many faces of love.”
“The two of you inspire me and continue to show what love really is.”
“You bring Chuck’s and your lives so alive. I want to thank you for sharing your experiences—and my deep awe and gratitude for the lives you both lived and the gift you have given me by writing this memoir.”
“Honest, brave, raw, wise, heart-wrenching, humorous. I am in awe.”
“It reads as a very compelling and powerful personal memoir as well as a gift to people who have been caregivers or will be. Through this long, exhausting, often frightening and sorrowful time, you found many moments of light and love, tenderness and humor.”
“This is written so beautifully and so much comes through this work of joy, grief, sadness, letting go and opening to what is.”
“As difficult as all this has been for you, this piece is an inspiration for all as we face the hands we are dealt. You have an outstanding talent and ability to engage the reader.”
“An amazing tribute to the circle of life and love.”
“It is excruciating at times, but beautiful. The heartbreak is there, along with the moments of humor and joy. You are doing a great service in sharing so courageously and honestly your relationship with Chuck, and your experience in facing his decline and death.”