A Book About Love

Be Brave: A Wife’s Journey Through Caregiving  invites the reader to walk in the shoes of a caregiver whose spouse suffers from Lewy body dementia. On the day of Chuck’s debilitating stroke—the “day everything changed”—Florrie began chronicling their story with honesty, humor, compassion, and a desire for self-discovery. Six years later when Chuck died of complications from LBD, Florrie sifted through her random notes, journal entries, and written observations, and wove them into this moving memoir: a tribute to a loving marriage tested by unanticipated and transformational challenges.

Listen to Florrie talk about her Lewy Body Dementia caregiving journey with her husband Chuck on AlzAuthors' “Untangling Alzheimer’s and Dementia podcast”:

Florrie spoke at the Third Annual National Caregiving Conference in Chicago, IL on Friday, Nov. 9, 2018. Her presentation was entitled WELCOME TO YOUR NEW LIFE: The Potential for Transformation in Caregiving. Click here to read a summary. You can watch a video of the talk here:

Read Florrie's guest blog on The Caregiver's Voice.

Other books

Just a Little More Time features Florrie's article "Coming Home"–a reflection on scattering Chuck's ashes at a remote New Zealand bay. To order a copy of this anthology, click on the title above.