A Book About Love

Be Brave: A Wife’s Journey Through Caregiving  invites the reader to walk in the shoes of a caregiver whose spouse suffers from Lewy body dementia. On the day of Chuck’s debilitating stroke—the “day everything changed”—Florrie began chronicling their story with honesty, humor, compassion, and a desire for self-discovery. Six years later when Chuck died of complications from LBD, Florrie sifted through her random notes, journal entries, and written observations, and wove them into this moving memoir: a tribute to a loving marriage tested by unanticipated and transformational challenges.

In Part One, “Shattered,” Florrie depicts the brutal early days when Chuck battled the cognitive after-effects of his stroke and the onset of dementia while she struggled in her new role as his caregiver. Part Two, “Before,” recounts their early life together—meeting, marriage, children, moving, careers—and so demonstrates what was lost when dementia descended into their lives. Part Three, “Accommodation,” explains the adaptations Chuck and Florrie made over the years in order to live with their new reality with Chuck residing in a nursing home and Florrie accepting responsibilities as his caregiver. Part Four, “See You Soon,” describes Chuck’s decision to enter Hospice and the days leading to his death. This is their story: the journey of two people, who in the face of debilitating illness, discovered that their love is real and enduring and can survive illness and even death.

Florrie’s memoir about caregiving for Chuck is told in thirty-three short chapters, running 146 pages/38,000 words. The PDF Version is 1.1 MB.